Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gimme Shelter

There is a pet store in my hometown named Pets Are People Too!. I've always agreed with that sentiment. Whenever my family has had a pet over the years, we've always considered them to be members of our family. I think that's the way it should be. Pets are really not much different than children, in fact. They're alike in many ways. They need lots of attention and care. They need to be fed, sheltered, cleaned up after... sometimes brushed, sometimes bathed, etc. They are just as much a member of your family as you are.

This is why I have such a problem with people selling and buying animals; breeding them for profit, mostly. I find it appalling and extremely sad. Millions of animals are put to death every year because they can't find good homes. Yet at the same time, you have a bunch of these shallow bitches and uncompassionate fucks who literally buy into all of this "purebreed" nonsense. Canines especially get the shitty deal when it comes to this. Would it be alright to treat children this way? I don't see a difference. Should we sell our children to people for profit? Should we charge more if certain kids are a "purebreed" of certain ethnicities? If you're even the tiniest bit compassionate, this concept should sound completely appalling and ridiculous to you. That is how I feel about the breeding-for-profit of pets.

Please join me in refusing to accept this horrid practice any longer! If you'd like to have a pet, great! But please, please, PLEASE visit your local shelter first! You'll find many great animals who would be ecstatic to finally have a caring family and a loving home. They will appreciate you giving them a chance at a new happy life, just as much as any human would. They will be your best friend.

The bottom line: Going to the shelter will not only save a life, it'll save you a lot of money! It's better for everyone!

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