Monday, October 13, 2008


Dear Senator McCain,

Throughout this historic race for the presidency of the United States of America, I can't help noticing that you continually express contempt for your opponent, Senator Obama, because he never uses the word "victory" when referring to the war in Iraq. This is where I have a problem. In my opinion, there is no "victory" in war. Ever. In any war, nobody wins and the entire world loses.

This "victory" you and your insincere, hypocritical sidekick speak of does not exist. The only productive way to work out the differences in the world must be through diplomacy, not military action. I'm just your average middle-class American male. I don't have multiple homes or hold any political science degrees. I don't host parties for the wealthy and elite, nor do I own a fancy tailor-made suit. But even I have figured this shit out. I seek peace and prosperity, not conflict. And I believe far and away that the vast majority of the world's population does too.

Everytime you talk about victory in war, it scares me. Especially since it's too often followed by thunderous applause.


P.S. The American public is much smarter than you give us credit for, and we see right through your bogus misleading claims. (But if we do end up sending you to the White House, I'll retract this statement.)

P.P.S. Oh, and can you please teach your running mate how to properly say the word nuclear? Thanks.

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