Thursday, December 1, 2005

Today's Delivery ...... Again.

Another couple days, another package arrives from Amazon. It's kind of a nice feeling to get a lot of mail for a change. Sorta gives me this fake stature of importance, and I have to admit, I enjoy that feeling. And for all you bastards who read this and wonder why I've been complaining about being broke lately, well...... go blow yourselves. I'm not here to make sense. Chinese penis tarter sauce. And some gravy.... gotta have gravy.

So anyway, here's what showed up today:

  • TRY! - The debut album by the John Mayer Trio. It's got some great stuff and I'm really digging it. I recommend checking out the track 'Who Did You Think I Was?' if you're down for a bit of an introduction.
  • Simple Things - An amazing album by Zero 7, and my first. This is the album that has on it 'Destiny', 'Red Dust', 'Likufanele' and 'In The Waiting Line'. If you haven't heard 'In The Waiting Line' yet, go see Garden State. (It is heard during the party scene). No, really. See it right now! .... Again.

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