Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Mark

.... So now I'm all wondering if my soft taco was possessed. Did I eat a demonic, yet delicious, lunch today? I'm hoping I won't be spewing out green shit while my head does 360's tonight. Well, at least Satan was surprisingly good good fresh fresh. Plus he came with a coke, so that's nice. But then again, I'm pretty sure there was no demon spawn in my soft taco today... I had them hold the tomato.

Anyway, I guess my real point was just to warn you all that my soft taco combo meal today may have marked the beginning of the End. Just a heads up...

Oh, and that ranch that they have is yummy.


  1. I was actually just going to comment on the ranch. What came with the meal? We used to have Taco Time here, but I don't think we do anymore.

    ps. This post TOTALLY made me miss you. We need to hang out again.

  2. hehe (It comes with the soft taco, small mexi-fries and medium drink)