Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tired (Part 2)

we've been together for so long
yet still we're so apart
these four long years of arguing
have drained and dried my heart

i've tried to be the man you need
until we are to fall
but in your eyes it is quite clear
i'm not a man at all

our outlooks are so different
our stubbornness the same
the times we clashed and wouldn't speak
so many i could name

now it seems we're well on route
to end this thing we share
i wish i knew the reason why
you just don't seem to care

i have to say i will miss you
you've been my only one
and "one" refers to girlfriend
but now that's said and done

from here on out i do not know
what destiny will bring
i only know that time will tell
...good luck with everything

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