Monday, November 28, 2005

Social In-Security

I find myself becoming more and more fed up and frustrated with the social side of life. That common lie among women... insisting that they "just want to find a nice guy". I'm not buying that anymore. It's those nice guys they either walk all over, or ignore completely. In a way, this final realization is liberating. No more will I worry about saying the wrong thing. No longer will I overanalyze my every motion, or study hers. That unreachable pedestal I placed women upon throughout the past is no longer in service. I continued to torture myself with the "what ifs" and "should have beens". Replaying in my head, over and over, the crucial events I sabotaged and fucked up with flaming inexperience. No more...

I now realize my approach was all wrong. Unfortunately, that old saying is completely true in this world ... "nice guys finish last". Well, I'm finally tired of finishing last. I'm tired of holding back. It's time to speak my mind and never apologize for it. It's time to step up and mold my currently-lacking lovelife into something more desirable.

Congratulations ladies, you have inspired one more "nice guy" to unleash his inner jerk.

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  1. Well I do know they exist at least... I married a nice guy; it was one of the reasons I liked him so much... but it's always complicated, isn't it.