Saturday, November 19, 2005

Quick Random Facts

  • I like Thanksgiving. I get to eat a whole lot without feeling guilty, and it makes me sleepy.
  • I just bought my ticket to go see Coldplay and Fiona Apple in January. They both hit Seattle a few months back seperately, but I was broke and couldn't go. But now they'll be appearing together, and I'm gonna be at that motherfucker!
  • I like pizza. I think I'm going to order one right now. I finally got some money and paid off a bunch of bills/debts. I'm also resisting urges to go buy a few things I've been wanting. So, I deserve to treat myself a little I think. I'll worry about exercising later. (One of those things I want to buy is a treadmill...)
  • Guster kicks ass! I've been listening to their album Lost And Gone Forever quite a bit lately. Every single song on there is great, check it out! :)

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