Sunday, October 9, 2005

Partial-Sentence Mosaic

You and I. Together forever. Time has no meaning. This is what I desire. With the deepest emotion I may possibly offer. I am speaking to you directly. If never again. May I have this chance? May I only take advantage of this opportunity for once in my life? I love you. With everything that I am, and everything that I could be. I love you and I want only you. You are my atmosphere. The thought of you keeps me safe, protecting me from the evil outside of us. We were destined to spend eternity together. Can't you see that? Isn't it obvious enough yet? Someone has to protect the known universe from lonliness. It became our job. I volunteered us. Oops... my bad. But we will show them. The greatest pair to ever float through existance. Us. We will show them, and we will live on.

Something I've never told you... I feel you in me. In fact, forget that. I feel.

And not only do I feel, now I desire as well. What do I desire, you may ask? You of course. I may not know you. I may have never met you. But I want you. .........

So where are you?


  1. *sigh*

    that was really good...i just wanted to cry...if a guy had wrote that to me...oh my gawd...or said some of those things to me...i would be so very happy...finding that connection...and challeging the fates...the universe...and letting destiny know that you've conquered solitude...and you've found the love that made you complete...

    and i also understand the search...searching for the one to spend eternity with...the search is long and hard...but with a message like makes it all worthwhile...


    thanks for reminding that not ALL guys are jerks...and there are may be some out there...looking for the same thing i am...

    thank you for sharing...take :)

  2. i can't even begin to describe it. that's so fucking intense.. i love it.