Thursday, October 6, 2005

Ascending Rant

Where to start? Where to show up, where to begin? Just finished watching a movie I love, and I'm feeling high. (How nice it would be to meet someone Garden State style.) I might have been downtown watching Imogen in person tonight, but I'm not. Sucks being completely broke. Got a note from the main office saying that I need to pay rent or I might get evicted soon. I do get paid tomorrow, but the money is still not in my account. I really hate to risk bouncing a check, but I dropped the rent check off right away and left a message with the manager explaining that I get paid tomorrow, etc. I don't enjoy being in debt.

I finally took my headphones to work this morning. Aside from the dreaded hour-plus "phonetime", my weekdays just got much more bearable. Now I can listen to full albums while doing the mindless work that owns me. Today I listened to some Coldplay, McCartney, Astrud, Rembrandts & Mono. Nobody cares. Looking forward to pulling out my music each day from now on though...

Also talked to a guy who I kinda know online, and he lives in the area too. We might get together and party a bit with some of his friends. You never know you who you might meet... that's the true magic of parties. I figured that out quickly, and I don't even get invited to many of them. But somehow that magic is usually there, and it sounds like a hella goodtime, especially after watching that great scene again in the movie. It's really funny how many of my best memories - hanging with friends, feeling that belonging, reminiscing possibilities of hooking up with a beautiful stranger - are from the few parties I've experienced for myself. I'm so looking forward to having the chance to go to more.

What else?

I've been a little bummed lately. Depressed. Flustered. I don't know exactly why, but I know the lack of money is certainly contributing. Confusion in the world of women? Perhaps. Feeling a bit friendless too. I do have friends, but they're mostly in other states and/or countries. And many of them I've been out of touch with.

... I suppose I feel there are many places to fly, but I have no money for a plane ticket.

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