Sunday, April 17, 2005

Weekend Flicks

One of the best mind-fuck movies that nobody's overly familiar with? ... Strange Days. I really love this movie. I just pulled my DVD out and watched it again this evening. Everytime I do, it seems to get better and more intense. An interesting fact about the movie is that it was conceived and written by James Cameron. He's awesome. I totally recommend giving it a view when you're in the mood for a trip.

I also watched The 6th Day today. It's another interesting, thought-provoking flick. It deals with the issue of cloning. As far as Schwarzennegger flicks, it's not the quality of True Lies or Predator, but much better than Collateral Damage.

Sideways is a great show. A bit odd in places, and not what I expected, but still great. That one deals with obsession, confusion, depression, acceptance and learning to break free of the prison in your mind.

Alien vs. Predator, on the other hand, was just bad. I highly enjoy both series, but this film should have been something special. The concept was there. The budget was there. It was carried out horribly. I might have still somewhat enjoyed it had there not been so many problems with details and flaws in the storyline(s). It pains me to imagine the film that should have been, and the fact that it will never be seen.

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