Sunday, April 24, 2005


the road to nowhere is long
winding this way and that
through small towns and big cities
deep valleys and tall peaks
through vast deserts unexplored
and the cold dark depths of the sea
i may have seen a million sights
and met a friend or two
but passing by so quickly
makes it hard to take it all in
i must reach the rising sun
before it sets once more
turning my world to darkness
I will never know content
for i am going nowhere
and time is not my friend


  1. wow....i really like that....gave me a sense of time and visualization.....almost as if everyone is moving through life in such a hurry....and not taking advantage of it....probably not what you were writing about....but i liked the way it was was simple and it made me wonder.....bravo ry

  2. Thanks, Ro! :) And actually, you are spot-on with your interpretation. :)