Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kitty Crack

Have you ever given a cat some catnip just to watch him/her get excited? It's like waving a pizza over someone who just smoked three pounds of weed. The eyes go crossed with joy. They immediately become vocal and run around in circles like a crazed squirrel. If only a hot looking chick would come at me with so much determination...

So you put it down in a tiny pile, and they immediately begin snorting it. Not long after, the sneezing starts. This is when their legs go numb and they fall down. All they can do at this point is roll around on the floor like a drunk with no legs. Such joy, such ecstasy. And all I can think is.... "Do they make Human-nip? They should! I should invent it and sell it on the street. Dude, I could be rich! I'm sitting on a goldmine."

But then I think about how I always call catnip "kitty crack". And let's face it.... drugs are bad. Just say "no".

(and stay in school)


  1. The question is, does it kill their brain cells?

  2. That's a good question. They should test that. But either way, the cats are still having fun! hehe