Tuesday, March 1, 2005


Life is complete
Life is completely unfair

enough with the crying
enough with the whining
enough with the unrealistic hope
it can never be

what remains is truth
it has all come to be
a storm of chaos
followed by the calm of seas

how can the tides draw so near
why do they not spill into each other
why must our lives burn in the fire of time
please let your waves cover me

i am
i am not ready
i am not ready to fight this flame
yet it burns so hot inside me

scalding my dreams
only one way to extinguish it
i must take the chance
i must swallow the water of hope

it softens my body
fills me of relief
yet still leaves me empty inside
this may be unavoidable

once more it is done
one pain only covers another
on this cycle of life
my feet are moving, but i haven't budged

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