Tuesday, March 8, 2005

"B" is for Bodacious Beats

Okay, I figure I'm only entertaining myself here, but I feel like I might as well sneak some other letters in while I'm going through my music library. Why should "A" have all the fun? Besides, it's something to post when a better thought escapes me. With that, here are the albums (actual CD's) in my collection that start with "B" (again, in no order):

  • Breath From Another - Esthero
  • Born 2B Blue - Steve Miller
  • Bad Hair Day - Al Yankovic
  • Big Willie Style - Will Smith
  • Broken - nine inch nails
  • Bleach - Nirvana
  • Bad Boys - (Misc / soundtrack)
  • Back In Black - AC/DC
  • Back In '98 - Bob & Tom
  • Best Of... Vol. 1 - Van Halen
  • Ballbreaker - AC/DC
  • Blood On The Dance Floor - Michael Jackson

...look for more letters in the future. Collect the whole set!!

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