Thursday, March 31, 2005

Into The Sunset

I am close to quitting my job. Today I was marked down for something I didn't do. They say I misfiled some papers... I didn't. But it's in "my section", so I get the blame. I'm not going to talk about what that all means. Long story short, they don't know what the fuck they're talking about. They don't know our job... or who does what. They keep piling the workload onto three of us, then blaming us when we're not caught up. I'm so fucking fed up!

So, today I decided I'm moving to Vegas. Unfortunately, I can't right away, as the timing is horrible.

I'm driving over to Idaho in May, to catch the Episode III premiere with my buddy, Wayne. It's a tradition for us, as we waited in line for eight hours at that same theater just to get tickets for Episode I a week in advance. We caught that premiere there a week later, and Episode II's as well in 2002. So I'm really looking forward to that. :)

When I quit, I will also lose my insurance. This means I need to get my eyes checked before then. I seem to have headaches everyday anymore, it sucks. Plus I have my ER visit in Hawaii to pay off (about $240 more) from my allergic reaction to the sun. So of course, me being a genius, I want to move to Vegas, right? I mean, it's not like the sun ever shines there! (But I just have to keep the sun off my back, which won't be difficult)

In the meantime, I also need to have more money saved up before I head down there. I'll need to be able to afford an extended-stay motel for AT LEAST two months... which hopefully will be enough time for me to find a decent job. I don't expect Jen to want to go with me this time, so I'm going to be doing this alone. It frightens me a little maybe, but it's something I feel I should do. Either way, I'll come out of it with lessons learned.

Often I find myself fantasizing about a life down there. Finding a little place where I can set up my drumset again and get some experience in. Maybe joining a group of guys who like to jam and maybe even play gigs. It would be sweet to make a living doing something like that. Then again, I don't have the right personality for that, or the talent yet either, so that idea will have to wait. I also picture myself getting into some kind of daily workout routine, building and toning muscle and boosting my confidence in the process. Easier said than done, I know. Sounds good though...

Ultimately, I need to start a new life. I'm set on leaving myself behind... at least the unwanted parts. I will take what friends I have with me, and of course my close family. Some of my posessions (computer, clothes, guitar, etc) at first, but it will likely be a few months before I'm able to get the rest of my stuff down there. And of course that all depends on if I'm successful in the move this time. I figure doing this may be my last chance at happiness. If I have to come back again, something will have to be done...

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  1. The good news is that I'm in Vegas all the time. The bad news is that it's still too far away to drive up/down for a weekend.