Monday, July 17, 2006

All You Need

"I love you."

This, they often say, is what you should tell those you love every chance you get. But somehow, I'm still not quite convinced. It seems to me the more you say it, the more generic - and therefore meaningless - it becomes. Allow me to explain...

Let's say there are two [male/female] couples. Let's also say that both couples are very much the same... Man A loves Woman A. He reminds her of his love every time they meet for dinner. Everytime they kiss or escape to the lake for a swim. This is convenient for Woman A, like it's her own personal Disney movie. But soon enough, she begins to find it somewhat annoying. Man A picks up on this. So he begins to say it even more often, thinking it will convince her of his love. She eventually gets even more annoyed, and their feelings towards each other start to change. She begins feeling trapped in this "love". He feels her slowly slipping away, and doesn't know what else he can do to express himself to her. They eventually drift apart and end the relationship on a sour note.

Man B. He has been dating Woman B for a couple months now, and he's really beginning to fall for her. However, he doesn't want to rush along too hastily and risk losing what they have. So he decides to keep his feelings locked away for awhile, all the while analyzing and sorting them out in his head. She begins to wonder if he cares for her the same way she does for him. He appears to be in love with her, but he hasn't admitted to it yet. Why won't he say it?! Is she not beautiful enough? Is he having second thoughts? She just wants to hear the magical words spill from his mouth. Even if just once...

An irrelevant amount of time passes. Their feelings have only grown stronger for each other. So one random night, as they're walking through the park, Man B decides to stop and look out over the bright city lights. This is what Woman B secretly likes so much about him. He's not scripted. There is no Hallmark card dictating his every move. He remains somewhat of a mystery to her. Then suddenly, it happens... He takes her hand and stares into her eyes. With a slight but affectionate schoolboy crack in his voice he softly tells her, "I'm in love with you. ........ I fucking love you." He then kisses the top of her hand.

So my question to you is this: Woman A or Woman B... who do you think appreciates her "I love you"'s more?

Just for the record, I'd much rather be Man B.

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  1. As I see it, after he finally says it, he has to say it again. Many times. They'll turn into couple A eventually. The point is to make it meaningful, and still say it a lot. It's possible, but it takes effort.