Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mix CD # 20

It's that time again. I actually burned this one before going on my trip to Idaho. I just never got around to posting the official claim. Here's number twenty:
  • "Dreadlock Holiday" - 10cc
  • "Black Betty" - Ram Jam
  • "Night By Night" - Steely Dan
  • "I Love You" - Esthero
  • "Pineapple Head" - Crowded House
  • "Romeo (Acoustic Mix)" - Basement Jaxx
  • "Gotta Be Movin On Up" - Prince Be & Ky-Mani
  • "Not The Same" - Ben Folds
  • "Just A Little Bit" - Steve Miller
  • "Breakdown" - Jack Johnson
  • "Only In Dreams" - Weezer
  • "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)" - Garbage
  • "Sexy M.F." - Prince
  • "Riviera Paradise" - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
  • [Hidden Track] (from the album 'Purple') - Stone Temple Pilots

Sometime's there's so much music in the world... I feel like I can't take it. A lot of great stuff out there, both new and old. It may sometimes be tough to find, but it's there. And if you deny this, perhaps you aren't into music as much as you thought you were.

Look closer...

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