Friday, April 7, 2006

A Little Bit Lost

i know this girl
she's a little bit lost
she doesn't see herself as the rest of the world does
and she thinks she's not good enough
if she only knew the truth
she would realize how smart she is
smarter than me, in fact
and so amazing, she has it all
most girls would love to be her
but her blanket of sadness wraps her too tightly
and it's a real shame
but what she doesn't know
is that she can change it all if she wants
she only has to let go of the blanket
and i hope she does

i know this guy
he's a little bit lost
his dreams are precise; his direction skewed
so much ambition for so little effort
his frustration too often pierces through
yet still his potential shines on into the night
never have i seen such brilliance on a personal level
such an imagination, such passion
if only he believed in him like i do
he might finally see that he's the lucky one
he knows what fuels him, what drives him
the journey ahead could bring him everything he desires
if he wants it badly enough
and i hope he does

i know this girl
she's a little bit lost
she's convinced she's destined to live alone
under thirty, but too old to find a good husband
i can't see the ugliness she insists she lives inside
i could tell her she's mistaken... it's beauty
but she would never believe me
i can see the thoughts of a highly complex mind
and hers blows my mind away
how interesting she can be at times; she intrigues me
if only she could see her as i do
she would know that she has so much going for her
and that it's never too late to find happiness
i hope she finds hers soon

there is this guy
who's a little bit lost
he's often too hard on himself
people tell him how special he is
but he finds it difficult to see what they see
he often overlooks the positive things in his life
instead focusing on every flaw and weakness
not resting until each is found and repaired
he thinks this will help him become good enough
to finally walk in the beautiful light
where the beautiful ones live out their beautiful lives
where happiness is tangible
if only he could see him like the others do
he would know how truly lucky he is
and someday, i hope he does

there is this girl
she's a little bit lost
frustrated and haunted by the past
she sees herself as merely a burden
a waste of somebody else's air
but she doesn't see the beauty and youth i see in her
the energy and sincerity that only come along every blue moon
if only she could know her as i do
never have i known a being so benevolent
it's really quite astounding
she could get any guy she wants
if only she gave herself a chance
and i hope she does

so here we are...
we're a little bit lost
if only we could see ourselves a bit differently
we'd soon realize the truth
we are the beautiful ones living the beautiful lives
it's just that some of us are good at hiding

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  1. interesting cos i feel actually feel i'm THAT girl...