Thursday, April 20, 2006

Erratic Thought Of The Day

Went out tonight. Decided to play some pull-tabs. I won $214! That was kinda koo. So I bought one of the locals another drink when he came in. And I tipped the bartender chick $20. I see her in there all the time. Helps to secure my place as a good patron. Trip went very well. My parents are all moved in. It was nice to make it back to Idaho again. I was able to sneak off for a couple nights. Met up and had some drinks with my cousin Sylina, whom I hadn't seen in about six years. Then hung out and stayed over at my good friend Brandon's place. The next night, I spent with another friend, Liz. We honestly haven't had much of a chance to know each other before that night, but we spent many hours talking about everything. And I had a great time! I now consider her a close friend. I helped my parents for a good three days. They gave me $400 for helping them, before I flew back home. I told them I couldn't accept it, but they insisted. It only enforces my previous belief that I'm lucky enough to have the greatest parents in the world. And I'm going to invest $300 of it in my roth IRA. The other $100 will go to my everyday checking account. Plus, I'm going to deposit my other $100 + from tonight (after paying off my tab). I'll do that tomorrow and see where my checking balance is. I wonder if people even care. Why would they? Oh well. I'm still kinda buzzed. Those new "snack wraps" at McD's are pretty koo. I dig them. But I'm also trying to tone it down as far as how much I eat. Did 100 pushups earlier tonight, aside from the rest of my routine. It burns my fucking chest. I consider that a good thing. And I plan to keep it up every night. We'll see how that goes. I'm hoping to get some stuff planned with friends later this week too. Good times. It's kinda nice to have a less hectic schedule for a change. So I'm looking forward to that. But still, I have worries about a couple of my friends in particular... they are having difficult times, and I hope nothing but the best for them. It's somewhat frustrating to know there's not much I can do to help... I should go to bed now.

I sooooo apologize for this blog. And just think, at one point you actually thought I was somewhat interesting...

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