Monday, November 1, 2004

Searching The Sand

I came to you like blue from the sky
like water flows in from the sea
You told me to leave you with not one more thought
you wanted no memory of me

I told you I couldn't, "it's not what I want
let's try to find that which we lost
let's not lose each other, let's make a new life
just think of the valleys we've crossed"

You wanted no more than to have it again
but still you were strict with your plan
we're now moving on and away from ourselves
and I am no longer your man

"it's better to love, although you have lost"
is what they will always say
but now I am empty and without a care
i will never be thinking that way

our lives full of wonder, we have such potential
if only we were to stand tall
with assumptions of heaven corrupting our minds
our love is not special at all

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