Thursday, October 28, 2004

Viva Loss

one more lonely night in paradise
the clear night sky fills with light
how can my emptiness exist
where billions of neon flashes fill my sight

i walk aside myself in a land of fun
surrounded by a thousand other versions of me
all trying to escape the emptiness
we are the castaways, floating in the desolate sea

i pass by one, and then another
some ecstatic, floating in the clouds above
some are grim with empty pockets
none of them can grasp the concept of love

why did this feeling contaminate me?
why can't i just go have a blast
why is it that my stupid mind
can only dwell into the past?

i feel like giving up this time
there is no reason to exist
when everyone around me floats
and all i want is to be kissed

no one will ever understand
the thought that love is not a reality
though some will argue i am wrong
my outlook makes it quite clear to me

a loser in a town of sin
there is no better place
for me to drink those tears away
that stream along my face

my life is coming to a close
one moment at a time
though many moments still remain
i'm spending every dime

i will enjoy myself one time
if never once again
so i may smile when i recall
the places i have been

tonight is something magical
although i'm here alone
the music, lights and pretty girls
combine to set the tone

i'm feeling good and feeling high
for once more in my life
no thoughts of sadness, death or tears
no thoughts of pills or knives

i wish this moment to go on
forever into the night
in this city of a trillion bulbs
my heart is shining bright

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