Monday, October 8, 2007

Week Minded

On Monday night we'll dance around
like crazy people in the dark
our living room becomes the club
our underwear the dress code
seducing each other without a word
with only rhythm and melody guiding us

On Tuesday night I'll make a fire
for us to fall asleep by
with quilts and pillows piled high
and soft jazz on the stereo
we'll lose ourselves in the orange glow
while shadows dance around us

On Wednesday, we'll watch a show
or two, or three, or more...
and lie together on the couch
tired, worry-free, and still in love
I'll play with your hair all night
while your head rests on my chest

On Thursday night I'll take you out
for dinner on the town
It won't be fancy; nothing posh
just you and me in a dark booth,
a nice meal and candlelight
(We'll have each other for desert)

On Friday night we'll party on
at bars... with friends or by ourselves
it will be our time to let loose
forget our jobs and other worries
we will see ourselves from a different view
and want each other all over again

On Saturday, we'll sleep till noon
and play in bed like grown children
then we'll fix up our home a bit
cleaning, shopping... the usual chores
but we won't make it very far
we'll be right back playing in bed before long

On Sunday we'll relax all day
take a nice long bubble bath
with only the suds to clothe us
we'll share wine and stare into each other
the ultimate relaxation, in each others' arms
of course, to help prepare us for more dancing the following night...

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