Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spirits In A Material World

As a service to myself I have just calculated the estimated amount of money I spent, in March 2007, on:
  • Bar tabs + tips
  • Liquor store purchases
  • Taxi fare
  • Music on the jukebox

This total came to the amount of $566.99. And I didn't include the occasional few bucks I spent on darts, the electronic gaming machines, pull tabs (which I didn't actually play much of anyway), or the fast-food I frequently crave afterwards. Nevertheless, I am glad to finally see this from a more economical point of view. The funny thing is, I actually did make an effort to cut down my bar expenses. But $30 here, $20 there... still adds up more quickly than it seems. And while I do consider most of it to be an investment towards a more fulfilling social life, I am still left with the thoughts of everything I could have done with even half of that money back. It is definitely a wake-up call for myself.

From now on I will be even more conscious about my spending habits. More conscious... and much smarter.

Besides, I have much more important things to invest in...

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