Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm Not What I Appear To Be

You will never ever hear me refer to anyone as a "loser". This is a term that has always disturbed me whenever hearing it, and I refuse to take part in the labeling of another human being as a loser.

When you call someone a loser, you are implying that there are actually "winners". And although some people seem to be more successful than others in this world, I don't believe that entitles them to an automatic "win" in life. Success itself is in the eye of the beholder. It means something different to everyone and cannot be measured in any one definitive form... monetary nor otherwise. Yet somehow we have decided as a people that some of us - most often those with the most money - are winners. The rest of us? Losers.

In life, I don't believe we are in competition with each other. Instead I believe the only ones we compete with are ourselves. We look inside ourselves to figure out what we need to fix and improve. This is the only true way to grow and evolve into something better. If only everyone could see the world the way I do...

There are no losers or winners in life. There are only people who have different life experiences than you do. We all come from different origins. Different backgrounds, different families, different areas, different cultures... we have different beliefs, different outlooks, different bodies, different minds... we do different things, know different people, listen to different music, eat different foods...

We all struggle through different obstacles, different losses, different illnesses, different conditions, and deal with different levels of personal devastation.

The next time you find yourself so quick to label someone a "loser", take a moment to realize you don't actually know a thing about them or what they've been through.

Then realize you aren't remotely close to perfect either.

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