Monday, February 5, 2007

Sounds Like A Lame Blog, Doughnut?

The other day I got into an argument with my co-workers concerning doughnut holes. It wasn't so much of an argument I suppose... more like friendly banter.

As we all know, stereotypical doughnuts come in a round shape with a hole in the middle. Now supposedly, someone decided to turn the doughnut industry upside-down one day with the idea of taking all these extra pieces of doughnut - which had been cut out of the original doughnuts to give them their famous holes - and making them into their own product, therefore preventing any further waste of perfectly good doughnutty yumness. The result of this idea now comes in the form of little bite-sized doughnut balls, which taste every bit as good as the original doughnuts themselves. These were christened, "doughnut holes". Score one for pastries everywhere.

Although I rarely indulge in these early-day delights myself, I thoroughly enjoy them when I do. And my issue is not with the holes themselves. Only with their name...

So I found myself arguing the illogical labeling of these doughnut balls as "holes". Somehow this does not seem correct to me. If they are in fact holes, why can't we see through them? In my eyes, "doughnut holes" still come with the original doughnuts (hence the holes in them). How can there now be two different holes for each doughnut made? I fail to see the logic in this. It is apparent to me that these doughnut balls are NOT holes, but in fact balls. Therefore, I suggest we immediately begin referring to them as "doughnut balls". Who's with me?

Naturally, the majority of my co-workers thought I was crazy for refusing to call these damn balls "holes". I even tried bringing up the possibility that the holes themselves were more likely to be a litter of little baby doughnuts. And that we should be ashamed of ourselves for eating little premature baby doughnuts before they have a chance to grow into more experienced adult doughnuts. You never know. Who here has seen what happens when two grown doughnuts get together and have doughnut sex all night? Raise your hands......... My point exactly. How do we know? Besides, that might certainly explain why some of the other doughnuts are cream-filled.

I guess my point is... never trust doughnuts. They're full of holes.

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