Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Gig Of Destiny

Last night I went with Ross to see Tenacious D in concert. Here's a brief recap of my Saturday night...

I drove us downtown and we made it into the parking garage in perfect time. After parking, we both took a huge swig from the bottle of Black Velvet I brought. Earlier in the day, after finally getting a haircut by the way, I picked up six mini-bottles of booze (4 Yukon Jack / 2 Southern Comfort). My plan was to sneak these into the venue to "spice up" the typically watered-down and over-priced drinks inside. But as we approached the entrance with tickets in hand, I noticed the venue workers frisking every one. We decided to hang around outside for a few more minutes to drink the mini-bottles so I wouldn't end up getting caught with them. I gave Ross the two SoCo bottles, and downed the 4 Yukons myself. In fact, after the third I almost started gagging. So I ended up barely drinking half of the fourth before leaving it on a window ledge with the possibility it might still be there after the concert... which of course, it wasn't. Honestly, I didn't care anyway. We're talking about fifty cents worth here. Not an issue. Ross ended up getting more drinks inside the venue, but I held off. I was already feeling great by that point.

Anyway, the show itself was very entertaining. "The D" played pretty much every song of theirs you can think of, although there were a number of them I was not familiar with (I have yet to pick up the newest album). After the opening acoustic set they brought out the rest of their band... Charlie Chaplin on bass, Colonel Sanders on drums, and a guy resembling Jesus on lead guitar. It was quite interesting to say the least. Towards the end of the set they even broke into the beginning of my favorite song by The Who, "Pinball Wizard"... the very same song I just happened to be playing on my own guitar a few hours before! I love the little coincidences in life that make you feel that somehow everything is connected. They ended the night with "Tribute", one of my favorites. Fun show! Good times. (Oh and by the way, there were camera crews everywhere so they may have been shooting some footage for an upcoming DVD! I'll keep my eyes out for that...)

After the show, we decided to hit a bar near our place that we had been to only once before but had seemed like an interesting place to hang. It wasn't long after we began playing some darts that Ross got to talking to some chick at the next table over. I felt bad for repeatedly interrupting to let him know it was his turn, so I played my everlasting role as the wingman and continued throwing the darts for him... essentially playing against myself (and still losing). Although it didn't upset me at all for playing that part, it did make me analyze my place on the "random Top Gun psychoanalysis" chart. My conclusion?...

I am the Goose to everyone else's Maverick. It's not that I have a problem with being Goose (in fact I think he's a pretty cool guy), it's just that I'll probably die before ever getting to experience the really good action for myself. And that sucks to think about.

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