Sunday, January 28, 2007

Star Spangled Anger

It has been very apparent to me over the last few years that our lovely [United States] government has become increasingly inadequate and corrupted. The benevolence of its very creation has long since faded, and our Founding Fathers would mostly be disgusted with the direction we have taken with it over the last two centuries. I know I am.

Have we made gradual progress in certain areas of everyday society? Of course we have. However, I strongly feel that we should be much further along the "peace and prosperity" train-ride than we currently are.


How can such a great concept be raped and slaughtered by so many unwilling people? How can our most basic rights, as the caretakers of this beautiful ball in the salted heavens, be so completely ignored and denied on a day-to-day basis. Something has gone awry here. Something just isn't right. But one thing I have learned in my insignificant little existance is that it is never too late to fix it.

The government was originally formed to protect and serve our nation's citizens. Yet somehow I'm not convinced they even care about any of us as individuals. Why do we still have a "homeless problem" for instance? There's no money to be made there. It's sad, but true. That is our world now. It's all about money, and if you have none you simply just don't matter anymore.

This is how my government makes me feel on a regular basis. Yet still I go to my job everyday and pay my taxes. I obey our laws. I respect our public buildings and resources. And I make a conscious effort to help the world grow a tiny bit better every day. More simply, I am an upstanding citizen. Somewhat of a poster child for American stability.

And tonight, I feel like my own government has betrayed me. They have stripped away my freedom on a much more personal level. It's as if my desires are irrelevant and my feelings are disposable. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to forgive them for that.

Tonight, I have lost a bit more faith in humanity...

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