Monday, January 1, 2007


My New Year's Eve was nice. My friend Ross invited me out to a house-party in Yelm [Washington]; a place owned by friends of his. As it turns out, they had a small amount of hard alcohol there, so with my distaste for beer I didn't end up drinking much. I still had fun though.

The shitty year of 2006 is finally over. As with any year, there are bright spots and dark clouds. Peaks and canyons. It's just that this last year seemed to be mostly blanketed in darkness. I'm so happy it's done. I've been looking forward to starting the new year with a fresh palette and brighter colors, and I have many plans already for 2007. Among them, I've been planning to schedule some time with a hypnotherapist. In my ongoing quest to understand and improve myself, I am struggling with certain core issues. These issues seem to be hiding in my head and refusing to cooperate with me, so I have been putting together a list of things I need to work out with a therapist. Things like social anxiety, extreme sexual repression/frustration, lack of career aspiration, mood swings and depression, chorophobia, inability to open up to those around me, inability to cry, etc etc... I'm tired of dealing with all of these things. I should be over them by now. I should be better.

I also plan to become more financially stable, maintain a steady workout routine, eat healthier foods and less overall, drink less, learn more, become more developed as a musician, write more, read more, date more, worry less, and become more acceptant of my inevitable place in society.

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