Thursday, December 2, 2004

Alive in '05

Well it's that time of year again. Time to save up your money so you can spend it all on other people. Time to plan out your weekends to figure out how much shopping to do. Time to go to the liquor store to buy plenty of "stress-reducing spirits". Hey, when they say "we all should be in the holiday spirit", now you know what they're referring to. Oh and best of all, it's time once again to get presents!! Yay! I love presents. I can't wait to find out what I might get this year. Will it finally be those things I truly want? I mean, I know I always ask for a Charlize Theron, but I have still yet to get one. And how about a social life? I've always wanted one of those. Or eleventy billion dollars; that's what I could use. C'mon people, this is the time of year for giving... so give me your life savings and I'll give you thanks.

But this coming year, with my luck, I expect to get those things less desirable instead... like excessive liver damage, sexual frustration, intense societal dismay, and perhaps a stocking full of VD.

My pre-New Year's resolutions list is already blossoming into a full fledged assault. It seems each new day my mind thinks up one more way in which I need to improve. I guess that's just part of growing, and in a way I'm glad I do that. It keeps me always striving to be a better person, and not just a cornball jackoff all the time. Today's "note to self": be more confident. Maybe I could if I weren't so fucking stupid.

My week is oddly going well. Work always sucks, but somehow it seems to be flying by this week. I get paid tomorrow which is good, because now I can spend my whole check on rent and Christmas presents. I'm honestly looking forward to buying people stuff. I actually enjoy that. I've also been selling a few things on ebay lately. This is all part of that "downsize my life" project that will carry over well into next year (one of the major resolutions). I will be more specific about my resolutions as they come up throughout the year, but for now I'll just give you a glimpse of what might be in store for me in 2005 (for those of you who actually care): much improved guitar skills, better upper-body build, permanently applied body ink, a surgery or two, confidence boosting mind-set, promiscuity, two+ vacations, more sleep, less worry, more blog posting :), more concerts, expanded music variety and library, improved intellect, make new friends, reconnect broken ties to certain things that made me happy as a kid, and most importantly...more fun!

Where to start? I have my ideas. In fact, many are already in the works. One more month left to go until it's time to show myself what I can do.

2005 will be mine... oh yes, it will be mine. *sadistic grin*

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