Friday, November 21, 2008

Crash And Burn

I have yet to officially weigh in on the current economic recession.

This is not so much a devastating blow to the modern way of life, as it is simply the natural balance of society correcting itself. Whether it's justified or not, there is a part of me that's enjoying this "economic crisis". It does affect me, however. I do have money tied up in multiple retirement accounts. Yet, it's all still somehow refreshing to me. For years, I've stood by witnessing the appalling levels of shallow materialism and disgusting greed in this world; of my fellow Americans specifically. Too many of us are selfish morons who too easily buy into the fallacy that bigger is better; that more equals power; that quantity ensures happiness.

I wish my fellow humans would just stop for a moment and take a deep collective breath. I wish them to ponder, for once, the true necessities of everyday life. I want them to think about the very few things they actually need to get by - of which many people take for granted when they are lucky to have them, by the way - and I also want them to think about the piles upon piles of irrelevant possessions they have that are merely taking up space. It's okay, of course, to enjoy a hobby or two, or to keep sentimental items. Unfortunately, most 21st-Century Earthlings so far have misleadingly believed that the more posessions they have, the better people they will become.

It's very sad, really...

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