Sunday, July 1, 2007

Land Of The Free

My whole life, I've never understood the concept of my country - the United States of America - being the only one to ever be referred to as "America". I remember being a small boy and asking adults why there are two full continents named America, when nobody ever considers the countries within them (aside from the U.S. of course) to be American countries. I still have yet to figure this out, or find someone who can logically explain this to me.

The picture above, according to every world map I've seen, shows the great land of America. Canada is in America. Argentina is in America. Costa Rica is in America. Brazil, Peru, Greenland, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Belize.... They are all part of America. Yet somehow, I seem to be the only person refusing to ever refer to the U.S. as "America".

I guess I can be pretty anal about things sometimes.

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