Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I know a girl who's full of life
the kind we all should know
who sees the blooming of a rose
before it starts to grow

Her soul is sweet and filled with love
her heart is much the same
her aura glows the brightest white
Natalya is her name

There comes a time in all our lives
when we must follow through
and face our fears with confidence
to do what we must do

Natalya now is struggling
with that she can't control
so this is to remind her
of what really makes her whole

A husband who's in love with her
a rare thing nowadays
two future little beauty queens
who shine in many ways

Her family loves her more than words
and so do all her friends
no matter what the distance is
our friendship never ends

And so for now I wish her luck
with all that lies ahead
I'm sending thoughts of happiness
to her recovery bed

Whatever sound might fill her head
tomorrow or tonight
the colors of this blue-green ball
will never leave her sight

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