Saturday, May 12, 2007

For Mom

My whole life, I've been aware of the fact that I have the greatest mother around. Unfortunately, I have not always had the ability, or the courage, to express that to her. I suppose this is my attempt at doing just that...


Dear Mom,

Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. Thank you for your patience, your guidance, your forgiveness and your loyalty. In a time when so many mothers treat their children as trophies... or abandon them altogether, you were always there with open arms and a warm home-cooked meal. And if I could never say it before, I will always respect and appreciate you for that.

These past couple years haven't been easy for you. But things will soon be much better. I realize that over the years I have found it difficult to open up to you and Dad about many things. And I can't imagine how frustrating that must be for both of you at times. I just hope you never thought it was because I didn't want to, because I do.

I've been dealing with many obstacles over the last few years... mentally, emotionally, physically. Somehow I always chose to deal with them alone; keeping them hidden and to myself. Unfortunately this often kept me distanced from those around me, even those closest to me. I suppose in a way I've always been like that. And I believe it has made me stronger to realize that I have control of my life. I have the ability to make it better, to change it how I see fit. And though for many years I may not have truly believed it... I know that I have the ability to be happy. And I have done my best to make sure I am.

I want you to know that you don't have to worry so much about me. You did an amazing job raising me... you and Dad both. And I am doing great. I like my life and I would never give it up. I could never ask for better parents, and I have always appreciated everything you two have ever done for me. That will never change.

I love you both much more than you know. And from now on, I will try harder to be better at communicating.

Your only son,
--- Ryan

(P.S. I was totally sober while writing this.)

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