Saturday, February 28, 2004


To the one who made me sad,
I still remember you
I can’t forget the things
We always used to do
Though yes, I realize
The saddest thing with that
Those memories we have
…my head is where they’re at

‘cause in reality
we never did those things
we lived a million lives
we had all that love brings
we kissed each other often
we ran along the beach
I grabbed the thorny rose for you
When it was out of reach
We always laughed out loud
When we would watch a show
We’d dress up heavily and
Go out playing in the snow
I’d run my fingers through your hair
And hold you when you cried
I’d wrap you in my favorite quilt
When it was cold outside
I still recall the look your eyes
pierced deep inside of me
When we were at the altar
…Of all eternity
Our honeymoon was magic
The moment of my life
When I was truly happy
To have you as my wife
Those first few years were scary
When we had our two kids
But we stuck with each other
And I’m happy that we did
The kids are all grown up now
With children of their own
you and I are still right here
together, all alone

I love you in our other life
The one that isn’t true
The one that could have saved the world
my dark and lonely view
But so you know, I do not blame
The things you did or said
I blame myself for all the dreams
That burned into my head

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