Sunday, February 1, 2004


I wrote this tonight, 'cause it's finally clear
I have twenty-six reasons why I am still here

A is for Answers I'm trying to find
to questions that taunt, and torture my mind

B is for Beauty in all of our lives
so put down the pills, the needles and knives

C for the Caring we all need more of
so we can trade war for peace; hate for love

D is for Doing the best that you can
when you are dealt the most challenging hand

E is for Everyone I wish were here
so I could laugh with them and buy them a beer

F for the Families we're all glad we've had
our sisters and brothers, our mom and our dad

G is for Gentleness we all must show
to help our relationships evolve and grow

H is for Helping out others with things
to show them the joys their lives just might bring

I for the Intellect I must strive for
to know all the things that I want to... and more

J is for Joy, the kind that I'd miss
if I were to suddenly cease to exist

K is for Kindness we need to provide
to help tame the demons we all keep inside

L is for Love that we all wish to find
and leave all our misery and pain far behind

M for the Magic that said Love will bring
and will give you the life of a queen and a king

N is for Noble, as I will try to be
full of courage, honor, generosity...

O is for Others who help you through life
your friends, your kids ... your husband or wife

P is for Pleasure you find in the places
you'd never expect; the pain just erases

Q is for Quiet, which sometimes we need
so we can relax, ease our minds and/or read

R is for Recreation; we all need some fun
so go and make your life an interesting one

S is for Special; we all want to be
and to that certain someone you ARE, you see?

T is for Touch ... the most intimate act
and it's also my favorite sense, in fact

U for the Unity, I would love to see
bind us together to be peaceful and free

V is for Valiance that lurks in us all
it gives us power and makes our fears fall

W for the Wisdom I constantly seek
I learn day by day... week after week

X for eXcitement that life can bring you
and will, if you just give a chance for it to

Y is for Yesterday and days that have passed
with hope we will learn from them and make this last

Z is for Zeal we all keep inside
for things we believe in, both far and wide

It looks like the alphabet has now reached it's end
but life will go on and will never stop, my friend
So with all of that said, go out and be true
to family and friends, most importantly...YOU
there is no need to lie, and no need to steal
after all, we are just passengers on this big wheel
there is no need to hurt, and no need to kill need to live off of our bottles and pills
So don't feel down ... don't be depressed
take all your thoughts, get them off of your chest
You may be surprised, you may be happy
which makes it worthwhile in end, you see?

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