Monday, October 14, 2013

Houston, ...

So I've been going through a bunch of old, ultimately unimportant items from my past that are wasting precious storage space. Among these items: some of my school papers from ancient times. Among these old school papers, I found a short High School report I did on the Apollo missions. During a somewhat serious account of Jim Lovell and crew's Apollo 13 journey, I apparently decided it was a great idea to include the following lines:

"...what really caused the explosion was a leak in the oxygen tank that eventually gave way. That's why they had to store their turd chunks in little plastic bags."

After reading this - and after laughing out loud unexpectedly for a bit - a number of random thoughts filled my head: (A) Wow, that was really random. (B) Haha that's kinda funny. I kill me. (C) And what did the teacher think when they were trying to grade this mess? (D) Was I honestly even trying to get an "A"? (E) How do they let me walk around without a helmet on? (F) I'm so glad High School is over. It was such a nightmare. On to better and brighter things!

... Upon further reflection, I appreciate the fact that along this crazy life-journey thing we call...... life-journies, at least I seemed to keep my same sense of humor intact. It's a great feeling to know that my young self made my old self giggle like one of the very schoolgirls my young self went to school with. I like that thought. And it proves that I'm not alone in the way I think. Or does it? ... Oh well, at least it gave me a laugh. Laughing is the most important thing one can do. Even if we only laugh at ourselves. Wow, this entry is really long.

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