Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scorched Earth

Something to think about:

Having thousands of scattered organizations struggling to bring light to thousands of scattered issues in this world, is like spraying bullets toward your adversary, assuming a few of them will hit, and hoping some of those will possibly make an impact. It is relatively ineffective.

Now, imagine if we were to concentrate our collective firepower on one target simultaneously; if the benevolent organizations of the world joined forces - even if just for a moment - and supported the same particular cause. In no time at all, we would bring any injustice down. We would be unstoppable. The world would finally see some real positive change.

Are we still so archaic here in 2009 AD? Is it beyond our ability to actually work together for the good of mankind and our surroundings? Am I the only one who even cares anymore? Or are we merely that unorganized?

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