Sunday, September 28, 2008


I'm an 80's kid. And I still like Michael Jackson. I don't care what anyone else out there says. And I don't care much about all the past allegations regarding the children. Sure, he's strange. And sure, some of his actions can be pretty inappropriate at times, but I believe he truly cares about the well-being and happiness of the children he befriends. I also feel sorry for him because his own childhood was such a mess. If I'm wrong about him somehow, I have no doubt he'll pay for his actions however he must. But back to my point: I actually see two Michaels. One is a legendary musical performer. The other is the trainwrecked celebrity that now appears alien to the Michael we once knew. I still see Michael as the former.

Here's a guy, when it comes right down to it, who can bring a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people to a collective captivation. He can inspire them, make them shed tears of joy, and make them scream and cheer in thunderous unison. And he can do it all merely through dance. There's something magical and extremely fascinating about that.

Somehow, when Michael dances, the outside world seems to stop for a few moments to appreciate one of the most basic of primal human behaviors. They find it so refreshing to witness someone who not only has an obvious passion for what he does, but who also has clearly dedicated his life to creating his own unique and innovative style. It's not the fact that he is one of the most successful artists in modern music history. It's not the awards he's won. It's not even the fact that he has released hit after hit after hit throughout his life-long career, or the musical family he came from. All those things help of course, but when all is said and done, it's the dancing that makes Michael so memorable and great. I have yet to see another star come along who is on that level, and I am reluctant to think I ever will.

I am still, and always will be, an MJ fan.

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