Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First Sight

I tell you how I love you
and how good you are for me
I've told you how I feel
now let me tell you what I see

I see you when the birds are out
I see you in the rain
reflecting in the shiny drops
from lightning in my brain

I see you in the moon at night
I see you in the sun
I see you in my future too
You are the only one

I see you walking next to me
and in the clouds above
I see the world I never knew
before you showed me love

I see your hand inside of mine
I see us walking tall
and though some fights may happen
I'm not seeing them at all

I see you in my screen at work
I see you in my car
I see us sleeping very close
and traveling very far

I see you sitting with me
in the summer at the lake
I see the many Christmas pictures
we have yet to take

I see you growing old with me
but this is no surprise
I love you, and you love me
I see it in your eyes

I see it all so clearly now
I see you as my wife
I have no fear and feel no pain
In you, I see my life

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