Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Leap Home

I have been a Quantum Leap fan ever since I watched the premier episode many years ago. It has been only recently, however, that I rediscovered the series through the eyes of an adult. What an adventure it takes you on; what a journey...

By now many of you know that I no longer watch television on a regular basis. But I do still cherish the shows I either grew up with or deeply respect... in many cases, both. Quantum Leap is one of those shows.

I believe that the single most important quality of "sucking" viewers into a show is creating an atmosphere that said viewer can escape to. It all has to do with the viewer being able to relate to the characters... and at the very least, the concept. This must be how Sam Beckett and his holographic buddy Al got me hooked so many years ago.

Sometimes I think I might as well trade places with Sam. In many ways, I already feel like I'm experiencing the same life he is. Jumping from life to life, experience to experience... unable to find the time to let them soak in and enjoy the rewards. I often feel like my goal is to help people down paths they would have never followed if they hadn't been a part of my life. Does that make any sense? Oh well... it does to me.

The bottom line is, Sam Beckett and I have much in common. We are both willing to sacrifice our own conventional lives to something much greater than ourselves... to help others succeed in theirs. Perhaps it is in this sense that we fulfill our own desire to belong; to have a purpose. Some might say that Sam was the most unknown hero ever to walk the Earth. To hell with fame. I find myself wishing I could be an unknown hero too.

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