Tuesday, March 9, 2004


The drive home from work on a Friday
A crowded room laughing at my joke
The sexy woman playfully brushing my arm
Seeing the sign that welcomes me back to my hometown
The film that takes me away from it all
The progression of chords that gives me an orgasm of sound
Thinking about my first crush
A perfect pizza fresh from my door
An extra big paycheck
A random stranger who greets me for no apparent reason
The first tongue twisting kiss with a new lover
The perfect buzz that sheds fifty of my pounds
Finishing my favorite video game once more
Getting an unexpected call from a long lost friend
Receiving a compliment for something I didn’t know was special
Discovering a new talent
The dream where I know I’m dreaming
Finishing something I’ve been putting off
Helping a friend in need
Staring deep into the eyes of a lover after a night of passion
Giving a deserving extra-large tip
Looking in the mirror and seeing what others see
Knowing that at any given moment, someone is thinking of me

…sometimes I can’t help thinking
in such a crazy world
maybe I’m the crazy one
for not seeing the beauty
that hides waiting to be found
in the simplest events
of everyday life

…sometimes I only see the bad
never opening my eyes
living in a world
where the blind can see a much better picture
…sometimes, I wish I could be blind too
then I realize… I already am

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