Thursday, January 15, 2004

A New Day

This morning, I rose to a beautiful sun
with empty bottles and memories undone
My head was cloudy; my thoughts all entwined
Attempted to sort out the thoughts in my mind
Turned off the alarm, and rolled out of bed
Wiped sleep from my eyes, and emptied my head
limped down the stairs and stretched out my arms
fixed up a big bowl of my Lucky Charms
sat down to eat like I do everyday
yet something was eerily different today
I finished my bowl and walked back upstairs
And went to the bathroom, if anyone cares
Went back to my room…only to find
A cute sleeping girl, in that bed of mine
She looked like an angel, her hair was a mess
My pants hid the table, the floor had her dress
How did this happen? Where did we meet?
How did I get lipstick marks on my feet?
Where does she live? And what is her name?
We must have made love…was drinking to blame?
I cannot recall, what happened last night
Did we talk for hours until the daylight?
Did she pick me up like a big heavy drinker
And reel me right in… hook, line and sinker?
Did I seduce HER? With my wit and my charm
And leave with this hot little thing on my arm?
I’d love to recall how this all came about
because I have suffered a long-standing drought
to see that this hottie was sleeping with me
makes me feel all tingly; for once… happy
Should I wake her up? Should I lay back down?
Should I run in happiness all over town?
Should I take a picture? Run hands through her hair?
Or should I just leave her and let her sleep there?
I can’t wait to see how this day will unfold
Will she be the one I will forever hold?
Will we be in love when we’ve grown up and old?
I hope luck was with our new dice that we’ve rolled…

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