Tuesday, November 24, 1998

Ocarina Of Time

The day is finally here! Today, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time finally comes out! It's the first game in the "Zelda" series made for the Nintendo 64. I've been waiting for it's release for so long...

I've had the limited-edition gold-cartridge version of the game reserved at the local Wal*Mart for a couple of months now. So, since the game finally comes out today, I went down to Wal*Mart to pick up my copy. To my surprise and disgust, the employees there told me they are not releasing the game yet. I told the electronics guy that the game comes out today all over the nation, and that Nintendo has even been heavily promoting today's release date. He began explaining to me that Wal*Mart is not releasing the game today, but rather, on the 26th. I asked him if they had copies of the game in, and he confirmed that they did receive the shipments, and are sitting there waiting for tomorrow...  but he can't sell me my copy because "it doesn't come out until the 26th". After more wasted time trying to tell him that the game is officially out now, and him continuing to assume I was wrong, I was completely disgusted and heartbroken to not be able to pick up my copy of the game from them.

I decided I will never again shop at Wal*Mart.

So I went to the customer service desk, refunded the game's reserve ticket (that I purchased long ago for $10), and stormed out of the store. I then went to Shopko in Pullman and everywhere else in the area I could think of that might have a copy in. Nobody did... So I decided to call the Shopko in Lewiston. As it turned out, they had ONE copy left! So I asked them to hold it for me, and headed out the door. And even though there was essentially a snowstorm in the area, I didn't hesitate making the 30-mile drive to Lewiston. I wanted the game that badly.

To make a long story shorter, I made it down to Lewiston, bought the last copy they had there, and made it back home within a very snowy hour or two. Of course, I began playing the game for the rest of the afternoon and evening...

May the Triforce be with you.

(This blog was posted later...)

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